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Reporting: Doing the Math, Part 1

This is the first in a multi-part series about the importance of business calculations and reporting in the green/snow industries.

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Future Vision: Visibility and Accountability

You can’t blame the office anymore.

Garbage in, garbage out – it’s cliché but true. Sure, information is great, but only if it’s accurate and in a report that people can use. We all know that inaccurate reporting creates problems – the biggest of which is distrust. It’s not [...]

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Future Vision: Service

Let’s use our future vision to see how software will improve customer service. This is important because customer service, not software, provides a competitive advantage. But, the right software can provide the platform you need to out-compete the other guy by delivering [...]

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Dinosaurs and Technology: The Future Part 2

Can dinosaurs thrive in today’s changing technology environment, or are they doomed to extinction (to be replaced by Millennials)?

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Millennials and Technology: The Future

Allow me to change gears with this first in a series of posts discussing where technology might take us in the future in the Landscape/Snow-Ice industries.

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The Landscape Company Leadership Test

This is the last in a six post series related to our Breakthrough Company Event at the GIE.

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Navigating the Business Bermuda Triangle

This is the fifth of a six post series related to our Breakthrough Company Event at the GIE.   

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Landscape Business Culture: Character is Destiny

Character determines your landscape business culture.  And character starts at the top.  Culture is the residue of the example set by leaders in action. In short, the character and culture of doing the right thing… even if it means making sacrifices, is a chief hallmark of [...]

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Landscape Business Management: Managing Complacency

This is the third in a series of posts about building a Breakthrough Company.

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Eliminating the Leadership Bottleneck

This is the second in a series of posts about building a Breakthrough company.

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