What's Your Story?


Everyone has a story.

Some stories are truly compelling … like the story of Christmas, for example. If a story of hope and possibility is not compelling, what is? That is perhaps why all these centuries later we still celebrate this story. Some stories are more mundane, [...]

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Future Vision: Efficiency

Since I’ve discussed the ways software can improve account managers’ service and provide them a competitive advantage, let’s use our future vision to see how we can improve efficiency (the other competitive advantage) and turn production supervisors into A+ performers.

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Future Vision: Service

Let’s use our future vision to see how software will improve customer service. This is important because customer service, not software, provides a competitive advantage. But, the right software can provide the platform you need to out-compete the other guy by delivering [...]

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What do Companies Want in Landscape Management Software?

In the face of new inventions and old challenges, what do landscape companies want in a software product?

From day one at the Aspire Software Company, we have designed our systems around what we know. Based on our team’s firsthand experience in the Green/Snow industries, we [...]

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Dinosaurs and Technology: The Future Part 2

Can dinosaurs thrive in today’s changing technology environment, or are they doomed to extinction (to be replaced by Millennials)?

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Millennials and Technology: The Future

Allow me to change gears with this first in a series of posts discussing where technology might take us in the future in the Landscape/Snow-Ice industries.

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Do you want a software vendor or partner for your company? Part 2

Partners provide value to each other. When it comes to business management software, that is essential. You get service and the software partner gets feedback that can enhance your business.

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Resolve To Build A Better Landscape Business

How Do You Get Through A Tough Situation?

I like to think I know something about life and business, and then God throws a curve ball...  and I am a fast ball hitter.  I am referring to my cancer diagnosis two years ago and my continuing battle to beat it.  Yes the treatment [...]

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Better, Best! Is Your Landscape Business Profitable?

Are you making money?  Is your landscape business profitable?

Good questions! Unless you marry your transactional processes (what your people do everyday – estimate, schedule, keep time, purchase and invoice) to your profit center financial reporting, you will never be able [...]

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