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GIE Recap: State of the Landscape Industry

I did an interview with Landscape Management Magazine at the GIE this past week. The asked me to comment on the state of the landscape industry. It felt a bit like commenting on my solution to Middle East politics with two minutes notice. Nonetheless I marched into the [...]

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GIE And The Future For Your Landscape Business

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  – George Santayana

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GIE: Landscape Company Culture Conference

We all agree that a winning landscape company culture is somehow connected to the higher profits we see every year in the best companies in the Green Industry. (NOTE: Kevin Kehoe conducted and published an annual Benchmark Study for more than 15 years: 1996 – 2013: 2012 and [...]

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Better, Best! Is Your Landscape Business Profitable?

Are you making money?  Is your landscape business profitable?

Good questions! Unless you marry your transactional processes (what your people do everyday – estimate, schedule, keep time, purchase and invoice) to your profit center financial reporting, you will never be able [...]

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Sell More Landscape Services With Technology

The Modern Sales Reality

Your commercial landscape prospects are busier than ever and harder to meet with face-to-face.  Property managers and other prospects are bombarded with requests for sales meetings – an activity they don't like that much as it takes too much time and [...]

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