How Do You Compare Landscape Management Software?

You want to make an informed and complete decision before investing in landscape management software. Doing this requires a comparative analysis of the options.   It starts with...

Do You Know What You Should Really Be Comparing?

What you don’t know can undermine your landscape software and vendor analysis leading to a poor decision. Unless you're an expert in landscaping business management software - and most of us are NOT because it’s not something we purchase every day - then having some guidelines to establish a comparative baseline can help.

The Devil Is In The Details

When evaluating landscape management software the devil is in the details... Because on the surface, many software systems appear the same.  But that’s like saying all cars are the same because they have engines, transmissions and doors.  Again, it's what's beyond the obvious common features that make all the difference to the actual people using the software in your landscape company. 

Take The Time To Do It Right

Since every software demonstration looks good, and because often you just want to make some decision and start implementing, there is a tendency to under-analyze.  So… SLOW DOWN!

  1.  Getting references is good.  But make certain you ask for “warts and all” references.  These are industry peers who will tell you the good and the bad about their software experience.  This is invaluable as there is no perfect software solution for all of your needs.  See “the questions to ask” from my blog series on “How to Buy Software.
  1.  Analyzing features, training, set-up, data conversion, support, documentation, growth plans, organization charts, ownership and pricing (inclusive one-price for all or a la carte pricing models) is not that hard if you know what to look for.  I have created a comparison checklist to help you.

Weight Your Analysis Toward The Vendor's Software Deployment & Support

For my money, I would put half the weight of my selection on the deployment and support programs of the vendor.  

Why?  Because you are going to be living with this investment and these people for a long time...  and five years from today you want to:

  • Be using 100% of the software features.
  • Be using software that has NOT become obsolete because your vendor did not re-invest in the product.  

Remember, Price Is What You Pay.  Value Is What You Get

That’s why price – while important – is not the primary consideration when making this investment.  The strategic and tactical benefits, as well as BEST PARTNER are way more important than mere price.

A Spreadsheet To Compare Landscape Management Software

Landscape Business Management Software Comparison Checklist

I've created a useful spreadsheet that makes it easy to compare landscape software vendors against the key areas, features and considerations for evaluating their business management software.

You can request my comparative features sheet by emailing me ( with the subject line: “Landscape Software Comparision Spreadsheet”  In the body: include your name, company and a brief comment on what you want.  I’ll reply with a copy of the Excel spreadsheet.

Rally Cap Update:  Spring is a good time to assess software options and make plans for a June implementation start date.  This timeline allows you to be up and running for snow sales and green contract renewal seasons.  This plan also helps you to manage your Fall upsell season better.


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